There are several different reasons an extension might not be able to be installed. Most of the reasons usually involve the hosting environment that is set up to support your Joomla application. PHP Version If your hosting environment is using an older vesion of PHP, you will want to update your PHP versions or ask your hosting provider to do so. Joomla! does not work on older versions of PHP. tmp and Session Paths One common problem with remote hosts is that they sometimes move sites to different folders on the host server.

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The Joomla core is powerful and flexible. I would also say is easy to use but honestly, I don’t want to hear more complaints coming from other CMS enthusiasts. Every CMS has its own advantage, this time we are talking about Joomla (again). So, let’s focus. Learn the basics Read the available documentation. Take a look to the following links to start your Joomla journey. Requires some time to get familiar with but once you got it, you won’t regret!

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